Theft & Burglary

Share Your Side of the Story

Share Your Side of the Story

Sit down with a theft attorney in Fort Dodge, IA

Have you been charged with shoplifting in the Fort Dodge, IA area? Ask a theft attorney what your options are for mounting a defense. In some cases, what seems like theft is simply an honest mistake.

As a theft attorney, I've helped resolve theft cases for numerous clients. Contact Derek Johnson Law Office PLC right away to explore possible defense strategies with me.

What counts as breaking and entering?

Burglary happens when someone gains illegal access to a home or business to steal items inside. You can be charged with burglary if you...

  • Accessed someone's home through a door or window that was left open
  • Entered someone's home by force, even if no damage was done
  • Entered the property lawfully but remained there without the owner's permission

As you can see, this covers a wide range of scenarios. Only a capable burglary attorney can tell you what your options are for creating a defense.

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