Lost Your License Due to an OWI?

Lost Your License Due to an OWI?

Start building a strong OWI defense in Fort Dodge, IA

If you've been charged with operating while intoxicated, you're facing serious, long-lasting penalties. Protect your freedom, reputation and future by working with Derek Johnson Law Office PLC in Fort Dodge, Iowa. I'll build a robust OWI defense by gathering evidence, examining police reports and challenging them.

Time is running out. Let's start working on your OWI defense immediately.

What to expect from your OWI attorney

Don't settle on an attorney who'll do the bare minimum to keep you out of jail. Acting as your OWI attorney, I'll strive to...

  • Have illegally obtained evidence dismissed
  • Get your license back quickly
  • Help you avoid jail time and fines

I'm often able to get my client's records expunged, as well.

If you're looking for a dependable OWI attorney in Fort Dodge, IA, call 515-408-6386 as soon as possible.