Don't Let Drug Charges Defeat You

Don't Let Drug Charges Defeat You

Consult with a drug attorney in Fort Dodge, IA

Facing drug possession charges in the Fort Dodge, Iowa area is more dangerous than in other parts of the nation, thanks to the state's harsh drug laws. You need a drug attorney who knows exactly how the prosecution will approach your case. As a former prosecution attorney, I have the experience you need.

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Your drug case isn't cut and dried

You may think that if a law enforcement officer found drugs in your vehicle, it's an open-and-shut case. In fact, evidence discovered during illegal traffic stops or illegal searches and seizures can be thrown out. In order to convict you, the prosecution must prove that you...

  • Knew the drugs were on or in your property
  • Understood the effects of the narcotics
  • Were actively using or selling the contraband

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