Domestic & Sex Abuse

One Reckless Choice Can Change Everything

One Reckless Choice Can Change Everything

Charged with domestic violence? An attorney in Fort Dodge, IA can help.

A heated argument or a hazy encounter can end with an arrest or accusation of assault. If this happened to you, make sure your next phone call is to a reputable sex abuse attorney in Fort Dodge, IA. Domestic and sexual abuse are grave criminal charges that could follow you for the rest of your life.

As a seasoned domestic and sex abuse attorney, I understand the high stakes involved in any domestic violence case. Contact Derek Johnson Law Office PLC now to start working on your defense.

Your future is at risk

No matter how minor your charges seem, you should always have a proficient domestic violence attorney handling your case. Even for a first offense, if you're convicted of domestic violence, you could be required to...

  • Pay a fine of up to several thousand dollars
  • Serve a prison sentence of up to two years
  • Enroll in a batterer's treatment program, at your expense

You deserve a second chance. Call 515-408-6386 ASAP today to arrange for a free consultation with a domestic violence attorney in Fort Dodge, Iowa.